The Vampire Diaries to the Roast

The Vampire Diaries is a successful United States tv series. It is a supernatural drama set in Mystic Falls, Virginia. The story is mainly about Elena Gilbert and two vampire brothers she falls in love with. I have watched the first six and a half seasons and there is a seventh running. If you have never watched this series and you have planed to do it, I want to let you know that I am probably going to spoil a lot of stuff from this show.

From now on, this is for those who have watched this series or for those who enjoy to read how I write rubbish about it.

As I said, I have been watching the show since it was released, back in 2009. At the beginning, The Vampire Diaries was a bit decent, but as the next seasons came on, it began to turn into a meaningless entertainment. I do not really remember when it was, but at some point, some seasons ago, the series started to go downhill. Downhill is a very polite word for describing the kind of crap that actually is.

All the characters (who are fashion models) have died at least once. Almost all the characters have came back from death.. All the characters are egocentric, pimps, rude, immature, childish and other similar adjectives that I could use to fill several pages. There is one character (Alaric) that looks like he has something else on the brain, nevertheless, all his friends are egocentric, pimps, rude, immature and childish, so in the end, he ends up doing the same stupidities. I guess you can make a picture of what I am talking about.

There is an interesting character called Donovan, who is the Elena’s ex-boyfriend (Elena is the main character). He is the most unnecessary character I have ever watched in any kind of screen. And what does Donovan do to be such an unnecessary character? The answer is no one knows, because he does nothing at all. Well, sometimes he is a drink-server at a bar and sometimes he gets angry, and when that happens, he is always killed. But do not worry too much about Donovan, because the bastard always come back to life. I hope he really do something important in the series finale.

Characters always drink. Every time they have the chance, they drink alcohol. An specific type of alcohol that I do not remember at the moment (borbon or something like that). They always drink it like it is water and gulp down, while putting a face of anger.

We can also find witches here. When they are pronouncing a spell, candles are lit, because whenever witches pronounce a spell, they are always surrounded by candles. And apparently, they pronounce different spells, however, they always start by saying something like “phesmatos”. It must be the keyword to activate the magical powers.

The script has no sense. I would like to explain it but I do not understand it. At first, it was about Elena falling in love with a Vampire and then it was about Elena falling in love with the brother of the vampire, who is also a vampire. I think that at the point where I am found, is about Elena trying to forget she was in love with the second vampire brother, but she regrets to do so, so she is trying to fall in love again, although she is not sure of what to do or if it is right. At the same time, the vampire brothers, Elena and her friends (including the useless Donovan) try to defeat several super-mean villain. The point is that villains behave exactly the same as the “good ones”. They are egocentric, pimps, rude, immature and childish. The only difference is that they try to kill those who are supposedly good. Because both groups have killed innocent people and have brought suffer to those who avoid death.

From time to time, some groups of people emerge in a chapter trying to kill vampires in revenge. This is due to part of their family was killed by these supernatural creatures. They should be the really good ones, but they are looked as they were the bad ones. In fact, they always die in horrible circumstances.

Finally, I would also like to mention something really peculiar. Every season, the main characters of The Vampire Diaries, celebrate at least three big parties, where the whole village is invited to. Now that I am in the sixth season, I have watched over 16 parties of this kind. In all of those parties, there is always death. But a lot of deaths. In spite of this, they continue on planning more and more parties, like nothing happens or like nothing had never happened. And it never fails, every big party brings lots of corpses for the most unthinkable issues.

I am pretty sure there are other thousands of things to say in this regard, but it was enough foolishness for today. Though before finishing, I have to say that I still watch the show, and I do not have intentions to put it aside. Why? I do not really know. I was caught into a trump and now it is too late to scape from all this crap. I am curious about what silly thing is going to happen next, even though it was going to be something fool, I can not help it. If you have never watched it, run away now that you are on time. For me, it is too late.

Some day I will talk about superhero films.


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