You can do it and you know it

We should spend some time to value ourselves. If you don’t value yourself, you won’t be valued by other. It is like if you want something. First thing to do, if you want that something to be true, is to think about it, to dream about it. Skycrapers, cars, smartphones, television, electric power… everything you can imagine that already exist, was previously dreamt by someone. Hence, the fist step to take to achieve something is to think about it. Then, steps get a bit more difficult. You have to believe that whatever you have thought, can be done. For example, if you want to create a company, you have to think about the creation of the company and then, to feel that you really can create it. Once your head is prepared, everything will be easier.

But you have to keep in mind that you are good enough to do it and mostly, not to be afraid of mistakes. Because being afraid of mistakes is the major obstacle to succeed in what you want. You have to be the one to decide if you can or can not do something. If you think that it can be done, then, it will be done. That is the way to go.

At the same time, it is recommendable to be self-patient. Above all, you have to love yourself. In fact, it is very mentioned in many books and webpages which deal with this subject, that the first way to be loved by others is to be loved by yourself. Therefore, don’t forget to be comprehensive, to love you and to be affectionate.


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