Why is your neighbour from upstairs always throwing things to the ground?

Scientist from different universities have proved that neighbours from upstairs are always throwing different objects to the ground. One of the most common objects are coins. On average, neighbours from upstairs throw 2 coins every day. But that is not it. There are evidences that claim that all neighbours from upstairs who have been living in the same place for more than one year, have thrown to the ground all the objects of their house in any occasion. One out of ten have thrown everything at once. Other research asserts that some of these neighbour have thrown themselves to the ground, at least once in their life, provoking numerous injuries that have been hidden in the neighbours’ meeting.

However, there is something that not everybody knows. You might be a neighbour from upstairs for someone. Hence, you are producing the discomfort against your neighbour from downstairs in the same way your neighbour from upstairs do it to you. Until now, there is no cure for this desease, but trying to relax and not to lose one’s temper.

On the other hand, good news can be found in this subject. All the scholars accord that neighbours who live in the last flat of buildings do not suffer this condition, although they cause it to their downstairs fellows.


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