An Unexpected Darkness

I was happily driving around, when I suddenly saw something quite unusual. It was like five o’clock in the afternoon and it looked like it was nightfall. In Galicia, during the autumn, it gets dark at six or six and a half.

Time later, I left my thoughts away in regards of this subject. I even forgot about it until two days later, when a friend of mine mentioned it. Hence, I was not mad at all. More people had seen what I saw. But there is nothing on the news about this stunning event. What was it? Was a Russian or American plane which partially covered the Galician sun? Was something extraterrestrial? Did it happen just in Galicia or more people from around the globe had suffered this event? Was it cloudy? Well, I have the answer for the last question. Yes, it was a bit cloudy. But not too much, really. The following days Galician sky had the same amount of clouds, nevertheless, the level of light was bigger.

This situation must have a logical explanation. However, it is quite easy to think about supernatural stuff in here. And yes, if I had to point someone I would point the Russians or the North Americans. Although we might be underestimating North Corea in this matter. Perhaps they are trying to ask for an attention they do not get.

Another suspects could be the seagulls. Depending on different meteorological cases, seagulls appear and disappear, and when they show up they do it massively. Could the seagulls be so many that they covered the sun? Who knows, seagulls are unpredictable.

I am trying to solve this problem by looking up, however the guilty part could be found down on the floor. There is only one animal, thing or creature more unpredictable than seagulls: cats. I strongly believe the cats got dark our day sooner than expected. I have always believed that cats are hiding something, and that something has to do with ruling the world and abroad. What did they do? I do not know. But I do know they are stealing our limited light. If you earthlings have another logical explanation for this issue, as accurate as mine, please share it and release your pain.


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