A dog and a tennis ball

Every once in a while, I like to stroll around for finding peace. One day it happened something that I had never witnessed. Two dogs were barking at me. Well, that is more or less regular… I mean, it was not the first time. One of them was a middle-sized dog with an unknown breed (at least unknown by me). The other was a bit bigger. But let’s focus on the small one. This dog had a tennis ball in his or her (who knows) mouth. The point is that the dog barked at me with the tennis ball in the mouth. I’ve never seen a dog barking at anything or anyone with something in the mouth, or barking with the mouth wide open.

This event surprised me a lot. In fact, it was the most surprising affair occurred to me that day. And, how was my reaction? To be honest, I felt hurt. The dog barked at me like saying “we are having fun here with the ball and you come this way to disturb us. Get your ass out of here you piece of…”. I know for sure those barks meant that. No one had never barked at me that way, not an animal, not a person, not a German.

The dislodged feeling was awful. Every time that I remember the scene, I can not help me from crying. Do not think badly, I am not planning a revenge, I am not that kind of person… usually. I just think that you have to accumulate an enormous amount of hatred to bark at someone so hardly. So I wish the dog can overcome all that hate someday.

Anyway, I will always remember this day as the day that a dog with a tennis ball in the mouth, barked at me.


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