Devoted to the coccyx

This story is based on real events. Plus, there is a teaching in this tale that I will not narrate, to maintain uncertainty in the reader.

I decidedly went out of my house to do some chores. After five minutes of vigorous walking, I started to feel an itching in one triangular bone of mine. One I have at the base of the spinal column, known under the name of coccyx. The only thing that I wanted to do with my life at that very moment was to scratch myself. Scratch as hard as I could, so hard that I feel the suffering in my own skin. However, that was the only thing that I could not do. Why was that? Because I was surrounded by lots of people, and scratching in front of them would be quite rude. Besides, I did not want to scratch my coccyx gently or subtly or in a superficial way. What my coccyx needed in that moment, was an absolute aggressive and smashing scratch. And  to achieve so, I had to put my arm (or at least one finger) inside my underwear to properly scratch the area.

Being in such situation of impossibility, made me feel useless. But suddenly, and idea came to my mind. What if I write a post in regards of this situation? I might be one of the first people to write about the itchy coccyx from a non-academical purpose. Although, who knows? Nowadays everyone writes about anything. Nevertheless, I had nothing to loose if I finally did it.

Coccyx_-_anterior_view02My cracked mind was digressing this idea for over two or three minutes. And after that, I realised that my itching was already gone. I was surprisingly happy for the reached goal. Then, I could continue with my chores and my healthy thinking. My life recovered its plenitude.


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