A New Age

Brief Tales

Everyone knew that sooner or later, we would achieve the goal. There is no reason why we should forbid marriage for some, while others, due to their sexual conditions, can enjoy it freely. The most conservative part of the society couldn’t see with good eyes our proposal. Even though it is extremely difficult to understand the real why of the matter.

Our kind of couples usually date in the outside world. It is not like years ago, when you could only enjoy your relationship through the internet at home. Now, you can date outside and go together to the cinema or to a beach. It is true that some people look at us in a creepy way, but nobody tell us a thing. Their minds judge us, but society does not anymore. Our world is progressing, and that progression needs to be reflected in our social status.

If you look…

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Dear Mr. President

Brief Tales

The matter can not be held for more time. The last years, we’ve been denying all the information that it was recorded by privates, but there is no way back. Our services can not stand this situation anymore. Wether the population is ready or not for this, we need to release the information.

As you must know, the other members of the committee agree. I hope you can agree too, as your approval is highly important and estimated, as well as highly needed. In case you suscribe, my colleagues and I have been developing a plan about how to broadcast this information. We all agree in giving the information in small pieces. We could begin with the existence of IETBs in far away planets and let this new rest over the population for a while. Let’s say a couple of years maximum, given the circumstances. Then, we could build a…

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The Princess of Darkness

Brief Tales

Clara had always wanted to be poor and regular. She wished to have those kind of lives in which you almost have to beg for money in order to survive. She didn’t know how to achieve it, but she knew she would. She was completely certain. She had made a promise about it. Hence, she decided to study a university degree to perhaps become an unemployed person or who knows, maybe a waitress.

At first, she thought it would be quite difficult to achieve such a goal. However, as things were going, it turned out to be quite easy. One of the main reasons why it was so simple was due to the social support she received every day. All the people she knew wanted her to achieve the goal of living like a rat.

After some years of hard work at the university, she was thrown into the Working…

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WordPress Opportunists

It was almost a year ago since I created this blog. I’ve experienced really good moments with it, but I’ve also noticed other matters which I don’t personally like so much. The good ones are focused on my own satisfaction for writing in English. Nevertheless, I’ve observed a conduct that I dislike and that I believe, it is a description of what the human being is becoming or has already become.

Some time ago, I wrote about one human specie which I called “the likers” (you can read the post about it clicking in here). I defined the likers as those who like your posts without reading them. What are “the likers” trying to get with this behaviour? That you can like one of their blogs back and follow them. The issue is that there are a bunch of people who act like that. They want you to read their stuff, without reading yours. We could also call them spammers. For instance, fifteen hour after I published my last post (There was a man, that you can also check if you’re interested), I had four likes, but only one view. And I don’t allow anyone to read my posts unless they enter in my blog. That means that at least three people liked my post without reading it and one might read it or not. I unknown your thoughts about this, but I rather receive one like for a person who actually read the post than a hundred from spammers who don’t give a shit.

Something very similar happens with the followers. I don’t have many followers, but I can tell that most of them followed me in the first place, hoping me to follow them back. Many of them still remain in my “follower list” because they might have so many “followings” that they don’t bother to erase them if they don’t follow them back.

Therefore, WordPress and all the social networks are full of opportunists. I dare to say that is due to the individualistic society of the developed world that we live in. For this society that we’ve created, there is only one important thing, and that’s defined by the word “me”. There’s another characteristic of this society and of part of the network users: “fast”. “Me” and “fast” define the conduct of these beings. Talking about wordpress users, they want to have a successful blog with millions of views, as fast as they can, without looking at others or caring about the people an its needs. However, if you want to learn about wordpress, you will have to read other blogs and learn from their experiences. Find out, through these readings, what the people want to read and what they don’t. That’s something that we use to forget about (and I’m included). Learning from the past and from others’ experiences is a key factor to create a successful or at least interesting blog. Luckily, not everyone wants to be liked by the whole world, and thanks to these people, we can enjoy really original stories, and enriching and rewarding readings.

The opportunists WordPress users, which I kindly call “likers”, will like this post. But I encourage you to check those likes and their blogs to realise that they lack of soul, of personality. They are like empty spaces who live from other opportunists.

Thus, I could tell you to read and like, if you really feel it. But as this is going to be read just by those who actually do that, I won’t say anything more. Just read to be different. Read to be you, not me. To enjoy and not to be fast. Read to write.

There was a man

There was a man. Some called them a “walker”. Why? Because he walked all the time. He walked like a militar. It was a very unusual sir. He always followed the same speed. Not fast but definitely not slow. Most of his neighbours thought he had some kind of mental disorder. When I say “most”, I mean everyone. I was just trying to be polite with this sir. However, it wouldn’t be fair for you to believe that there was some people who though he was sane or rational.

The younger ones used to do jokes and impressions of him. The older ones used to look at him with pity. The others tried not to look at him, like he didn’t exist. In order words: pretend, which was something they were very good at.

Some people intended to burn him, others to simply kill him… He was stolen in numerous occasions. But nobody cared too much about him.

There are many people in the city of the “walker” who come in for the first time and others have to go, to never come back. Something similar happened to our sir. One day, he walked away and never came back. Nobody dares to say if he died or he simply went to another city.

A month later, a statue was built in his honour, a street was named after him and even a party is celebrated every year to remember the day he was gone. That day, according to the older ones, was the saddest day they remember.

Beware of Birds

Don’t trust the birds. The have something to hide and I know what I’m saying. They look, they stare, they glimpse. And they do so when they know you’re not looking. If I were you, I wouldn’t trust a bird. Specially the small ones. Those are the worst ones. They don’t care if you are looking at them, they will look at you anyway. Don’t trust them.

I’ve been watched by birds while I was performing illegal affairs. And do they call the police? Of course they do. Those birds are bastards. However, I must add that they prefer to stare at you when you’re naked. But don’t worry, they won’t rape you, though they’ll try. That’s the nature of birds. Still, there is a kind of bird who knocks to your door or window before trying to rape you. If you say that you want to be raped, they will rape you with their sharp beak. If you say that you don’t want to be raped, they will rape you anyway. You can have a conversation with birds, but birds won’t have a conversation with you. Continue reading

The Tiring Guitarist

Today, I would like to share some words about an specie that is in danger of non-extinction. They call themselves “guitarists” because they play the guitar. A more accurate description of them would say that they abuse and rape the guitar. “Play” is a too kind word for what they do.

They show themselves in most cities of the south of Europe, though some people assure they have seen them in other parts of the world. They are usually blonde males with curly hair, but you can also see them in brunette and with hair gel (specially in Spain and Italy). The Tiring Guitarist is recognised by a hunchback they call guitar. But when they wear it in his back is fine. This animal is extremely dangerous when he plays his hunchback… or guitar. These beings can play the guitar and sing at the same time for hours without hurting himself. Continue reading

Being Watched

Many people claim that when they were young they felt they were being watched or recorded by somebody. As a matter of fact, there is a film called The Truman Show starred by Jim Carrey, which deals, more or less, about this topic. In the film, a guy is recorded since he was born, living in a fake life where everyone but him are actors and actresses, although the main character doesn’t know it.

Then, as we grow up, we refuse those thoughts and think they were just silly ideas. However, what if it’s truth? Maybe it is not a coincidence that so many people from so many different places had had the same thoughts and the same feelings. Some people even made a film (at least one that I know). Maybe our subconscious mind was trying to tell something and now our “logical” brains are moving apart those ideas that today we think as fool. Continue reading

A World Ruled by Lies

It takes some time to realise that whatever you are told answers not the truth, but interests. Newspapers are the perfect example, although not the only one. They tell us how they want us to see the world. They play with the information by showing some pieces and hiding others. The biggest and most “important” newspapers answers to big corporations, who are their real owners, not the people.

The same happens with politicians and their parties. They never criticise themselves and if they do not get enough votes is due to “lack of luck” or because they did not transmit the message “correctly” to the people. As the most important newspapers, the most “important” politicians answers to corporations as well. Continue reading